best rehabs in prescott az

The Top 5 Best Rehabs in Prescott AZ

The Top 5 Best Rehabs in Prescott AZ

Prescott, Arizona is a popular destination for drug or alcohol rehab. For many people, they know they need help with substance abuse, but there are so many rehabs to choose from, they don’t know where to start.

“There are so many rehabs to choose from. Where do I start?”

Prescott Arizona is a haven for people seeking to change their lives through addiction treatment.  Over the last 10 years, many people graduating from rehab programs also decided to open centers of their own, causing a boom of new facilities opening constantly, peaking in 2017. According to this article from, at its peak more than 1,200 people were in active addiction treatment at a time. Thankfully, some local and statewide law changes have removed some of the bad players and encouraged many high quality facilities in their work.

To narrow down the top 5 rehab centers in the Prescott Arizona area, we chose the following main factors that make a rehab facility a top choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prescott Rehab Program

We’ve done the research for you to help narrow down the right choices.


Is the facility licensed by the state of Arizona? Is it accredited by the Better Business Bureau or and behavioral health accreditation body like the Joint Commission or CARF? How is the facility rated online? Ranking on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Glassdoor,, and other sites give insight on a facility’s reputation from people that know firsthand.

Quality and Quantity of Staff

How many full-time residential staff, doctors, nurses, counselors and administrative staff are involved in getting people the help they need? High quality facilities will have a doctor on staff who can help prescribe medications to manage difficulty sleeping, mood instability, and other mental health needs. This should be a psychiatrist or addictionologist who is a board-certified physician in addiction medicine.

Treatment for Mental Health Needs

Did you know that many people use drugs to cope with emotional struggles or childhood trauma? According to this study from SAMHSA, the federal department that develops standards for mental health and substance abuse, 39% of Americans struggling with substance use disorder also had a mental disorder. Estimates from other sources such as NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse) claim the numbers are as high as 50-60%. Some of those struggling with substance abuse also have co-occurring mental disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis.

“39% of Americans struggling with substance use disorder also have a mental disorder.”

A Specific Approach

Most addiction treatment centers have a very specific area of focus and population they help.

Here are a few examples:

  • Christian rehab centers
  • Women’s rehab
  • Dual diagnosis focus
  • Sex Addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Young adult treatment programs
  • Wilderness or adventure programs
  • Transitional living programs

A Variety of Treatment Settings

The treatment environment plays a very powerful role in a person’s ability to get sober and stay sober. The right setting depends on the individual’s level of medical and emotional stability, personal needs, and level of skills in life that determine whether they are able to move forward and live independently.

To meet all the needs of someone wanting to recover, the ideal program will be able to facilitate the person’s needs from the detox all the way to independent living. See our post Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Joining a Drug Rehab Facility for more specific information on the treatment setting.

“The ideal rehab program is able to facilitate the person’s needs from medical detox all the way to independent living.”

Examples of Treatment Settings:

  • Inpatient Detox
  • Residential treatment
  • 30 day or 90 day programs
  • Outpatient clinic or IOP
  • Sober living or transitional living

Counseling Services and Family Involvement

A high quality rehabilitation center will have a variety of counseling services including group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, marriage counseling and other services. Experts agree that addiction is a family issue, and treating an individual for addiction is not enough for long-term sobriety.

Insurance Coverage and Payment Options

Traditional rehab facilities in the past were private pay only and did not take insurance for many decades. However in the last 20 years, it has become much more common for facilities to accept private insurance.  Nowadays most high quality addiction centers also offer some sort of payment plan or healthcare lending to be able to afford addiction treatment.

Tools for Long Term Sobriety

Experts agree that the longer the rehab program is, the greater the person’s chance for success in long-term sobriety.  According to the National Institute for Health, important factors include being part of a close-knit community like a 12-step fellowship like AA or NA, a church family, or other group that provides accountability and safety can help those in recovery stay clean long-term. Other ways to stay connected include sober or transitional housing, outpatient counseling, an alumni program or an aftercare program.

Our Top Prescott Rehab Picks

Best Christian Rehab Center:

Miracle Recovery

As the only nonprofit faith-based rehab center in northern Arizona, Miracle Recovery does not believe that addiction is a disease. Their approach is comprehensive, meeting medical, emotional, and spiritual needs for men and women under one roof. They offer low-cost detox for drugs and alcohol, 1 month, 3 month and 6 month Christian-based programs, along with sober living for up to two years after program graduation. Their sober living is available for young men and women, from ages 18-40.

-Although their philosophy is faith based, most people who attend their programs do not have a strong religious background.

“The only requirement is for the individual to be open to a Christian program.”

Payment Options:

  • $200 per week for sober living fees, and that’s it!
  • Drug and alcohol testing is including in the housing fee


(Disclosure: This article was written by Life Transformation Recovery staff, so this pick is a biased opinion. For more information on success rates with Christian recovery programs, see this article)

Best Dual-Diagnosis and Sex Addiction Center:

Prescott House

Prescott House was the first addiction treatment center in Prescott Arizona, established in 1988.  It is accredited by The Joint Commission and CARF. Prescott House provides long-term treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis and sex addiction in a residential setting. All of the current staff are graduates from their own program.


Payment Options: Please see their website for payment options

Best Wilderness and Adventure Treatment Center:

Blueprints for Recovery

Blueprints for Recovery is a long-term residential addiction treatment center. The six to nine-month program helps young men between the ages of 18-30 through individual, group and family counseling. Blueprints has a strong focus on outdoor adventure, group activities and highly qualified counseling staff.


Payment Options: Please see their website for payment options

Best Gambling Addiction Treatment Center:

Compass Recovery Center

Compass Recovery Center is a 12-step based facility as designed to work in the early stages of recovery. they offer IOP with sober living for men and women, and treat substance abuse as well as gambling addiction.


Payment Options:

Accepts most private insurances, including Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, and others.

Best Luxury Addiction Treatment Center:

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

Arrowhead Lodge is a 12-bed residential facility exclusively for men over 30. Treatment options include detox, 45 and 90-day programs. They are accredited by the Joint Commission and have a well-trained medical and clinical team. Privacy is very important to their facility.


Payment Options: Please see their website for payment options

Transitional Living Programs

Sober and transitional living are technically not the same thing as a rehab program, so we have not counted them towards the top 5 rehab centers in Prescott. However, they are a very important resource for people in recovery.

  1. Paramount Recovery Services

Paramount Recovery offers an aftercare program for men, which provides outpatient counseling, random drug testing in Transitional Living. Their program is six months in length. This is a great option for men completing an inpatient or residential program who want a supportive environment with continued accountability.


  1. Prescott Sober Living

Also known as PSL, Prescott Sober Living has been providing transitional living for men in Prescott for many years. in the last 2 years, they have also added sober living for women to their offerings. Their housing is in a comfortable apartment setting, which promotes independence.

For more free recovery information, visit our recovery blog here. Please share this resource with friends and anyone seeking help for substance abuse for a friend or loved one in the Prescott area.

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