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Complete addiction recovery is the key to your future. You should entrust it only to qualified and caring professionals.

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Personalized Recovery

Our Recovery Program is exactly what you need. We're dedicated to your long term sobriety and success in life.

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We give ongoing continued support to those graduating from our drug or alcohol rehab program.

Life Transformation Recovery

Christian Approach, Proven Results.

  • We do not believe that addiction is a disease! 
  • We provide compassionate, private substance abuse rehab for men
  • We believe that substance abuse can be healed, and freedom is possible for everyone!
  • The difference at Life Transformation treatment center is our approach to the whole person. Drug and alcohol abuse are more than a chemical problem.
  • Our curriculum brings spiritual growth from a non-denominational Christian perspective
  • Counseling with pastors brings healing to the heart and helps to change harmful behavior patterns

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