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Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Drug Rehab Facility

Ready to be clean and sober once and for all?

Looking for the right drug rehab facility for your needs?

If you’re ready to seek professional help for your addiction or substance abuse problems, a drug and alcohol rehab facility can be a lifesaver. The right rehab center can change your life for the better and help you get back to being your best self again.

However, it’s important that you find the best rehab center for your needs. Not every rehab center is created equally and some are better than others at creating lasting change in a patient.

Below we’ll look at the 10 most important questions you need to ask any drug rehab center you’re thinking about joining.

1. What Does the Recovery Process Include?

The first thing you’ll want to ask about when choosing a rehab facility is what exactly will be included in the recovery and detoxification process. Different centers offer different services and have a different process for helping you to become sober.

Find out what specific services are offered and what kind of activities you’ll be going through, both mental and physical, for helping you shake your addiction. A typical program may consist of a customized exercise routine and diet improvements, attending group and individual counseling sessions, and attending group activities.

Be sure to learn everything you can about the recovery process and what the center’s overall philosophy is for helping you with your substance abuse problems.

2. How Long Does the Program Last?

The next question you’ll want to ask is what length the rehabilitation program will be. Different people have different needs for the length of treatment depending on their specific addiction and many other factors.

While a treatment of any length can be helpful for certain individuals, research shows that longer programs which last 90 days or more are particularly effective. A longer rehab program will allow plenty of time for creating new habits and removing yourself from past behavior and external influences.

Some accelerated programs may last as little as 1 month while longer programs may go on for 6 months or more. It’s important to think about the length of time carefully and consider what would work best for your needs before choosing a program.

3. What is the Environment of the Drug Rehab Facility Like?

You’ll also want to know about what you can expect from the environment of the rehab facility. If you’ll be spending an extended amount of time in a program trying to get sober it’s important that you feel comfortable in the facility.

Environmental risk factors play a big role in an individual’s substance abuse problems, so for this reason contact with the outside world is limited during most rehab programs.

The rehab environment should be comfortable for you and it should be completely safe and secure. A rehab center should give you a safe haven and a comfortable place where you can escape the pull of external influences.

4. Does the Program Teach Sober Living or Does It Only Focus on Detoxification?

When you’re evaluating a rehab center an important thing to find out is what kind of sober living skills you’ll be taught. It’s one thing to go through the detoxification process, but it’s just as important to build steady habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Make sure that any rehab program you choose can teach you the right mindsets for resisting substance abuse in the future and can help you to develop the life skills that you need to never slip back into old habits again.

5. Is Aftercare Support Available to Patients?

In addition to learning the overall mindsets for staying sober, some rehab centers will offer much more extensive support to help make sure you’re well off long after your rehabilitation program has ended. Ask about what aftercare support is offered by the center you’re evaluating.

Aftercare support services you may want to make use of may include group activities and support groups, outpatient counseling, or other training programs meant for those who have already successfully been through a rehab program.

6. What Interactions Will the Patient Have With Others?

You’ll also want to find out what type of interactions you’ll have with other people during the rehab process. When you’re trying to get sober it’s important to have other positive influences around you such as people who are going through similar transformations.

Ask what kind of interaction you’ll have with others during rehab. Make sure that you’ll have opportunities to build lasting, supportive relationships with those around you. There should be plenty of activities during the process that will allow you to relax and feel more comfortable with other people who are on the same path as you are.

7. Is the Treatment Tailored For Each Individual Patient?

Another thing you should find out is whether the rehab program will be tailored for your individual needs or if they’ll be using a “cookie cutter” approach to help you with your addictions. No two people are the same, and the treatment center should recognize this.

A great rehabilitation center will know how to assess your individual needs and will be able to develop a specialized treatment plan to help you. Additionally, if you suffer from multiple addictions they’ll be able to give you exactly what you need to overcome both of them.

8. How Do You Evaluate and Assess a Patient?

You also need to find out how the rehab center will evaluate and assess your needs as a patient. You should expect that there will be a thorough evaluation at the onset of treatment so that they’ll be able to determine how best to treat you and deliver what you need.

Some rehab centers will only have a very simplistic evaluation process while some will be more extensive. To get the best treatment, look for a center that has a lengthy evaluation and will work harder to understand your individual needs.

9. What Payment Options Are Available?

On the practical side of things, you should also find out what payment options will be available for your treatment. Find out if there are any payment plans or financing options and what the costs will be in the end.

You should also find out if the center is able to work with your insurance provider or not. While some insurance providers will pay for all or some of your treatment, some will pay nothing at all. Make sure you ask about this beforehand to find out what your options are.

10. What Professional Qualifications Does the Center and Its Staff Have?

It’s also a great idea to find out about what professional qualifications the center has. Find out if the center has been accredited by any professional healthcare organizations and if they have any professional licenses.

You may also want to find out a bit more about the doctors who will be operating the facility and interacting with you on a regular basis. Getting treated by a center that has doctors and staff members with plenty of experience and professional training will make it more likely that you have a quick and easy rehabilitation.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right drug rehab facility doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is important to ask the questions above before you make your final decision. Different centers have different things to offer so you’ll want to know exactly what you can expect before you make your commitment.

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