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3 Ways a Faith-Based Rehab Center Can Promote the Recovery Process

3 Ways a Faith-Based Rehab Center Can Promote the Recovery Process

In the United States, widespread substance abuse — particularly in terms of the opioid crisis — has been making front-page news. Since more than three out of five overdose deaths in the U.S. now involve an opioid, more people are paying attention to this epidemic. But those who seek out addiction treatment programs still have to deal with the stigma of substance abuse. This stigma can keep many folks from ever pursuing the treatment they need and deserve.

Of course, you’ll remain hopeful that the addict or alcoholic in your life will recognize their problems. With support and information from you and others in their circle, your loved one may come to the conclusion that they could benefit from going to an addiction recovery center. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Should your loved one seek out substance abuse treatment for women specifically? Or even a Christian rehab for women? While there’s no “one size fits all” rehab that’s the perfect fit for every single person, we’ll talk a bit more about how a faith-based treatment program can promote healing on this road to recovery.

They produce better long-term results:

Studies have shown that recovery programs with a spiritual foundation tend to produce better results in the long term. In fact, some data shows that the greater the emphasis on religion or faith-based principles, the more likely it is that individuals in recovery will continue to abstain from substance use. Treatment programs will vary greatly in their approach and their philosophies, so thorough research is required. Not every Christian rehab for women will operate in the same way; you’ll want to choose one that aligns with your priorities.

They’re about more than physical treatment:

Some detox and rehab facilities will focus mainly on the physical, like treating withdrawal symptoms or easing physical discomfort throughout treatment. But addiction is about so much more than just the physical. Merely being able to abstain from alcohol or drug use is only one piece of the puzzle. The emotional and spiritual needs of those battling addiction must be addressed as well. At a Christian rehab for women or men, individuals struggling with addiction will have the opportunity to heal their minds and souls as well as their bodies. In addition, many of these rehab centers will provide emotional and spiritual treatment for the whole family, making it even more likely that the addict will feel supported throughout their journey.

They provide the chance to bond with others:

Whether with counselors or other patients in recovery, a faith-based treatment program provides ample opportunities to gain support and forge relationships with others. This shared experience can prove to be incredibly important, especially because addiction can be incredibly isolating for so many. Using drugs or alcohol may have once provided a sense of belonging for addicted individuals. But at a religious treatment center, these same individuals can know they are welcomed and embraced with open arms. This supportive, judgment-free zone can allow you to feel safe enough to open up and allow for new possibilities for friendship and the future.

For many addicted individuals, a Christian rehab provides the answers they’ve been searching for. To learn additional information about our treatment programs, please get in touch with us today.

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