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Top 5 Benefits of a Christian Drug Rehab Center

Deciding to receive treatment for drug addiction can be a sensitive subject. Only around 11% of people struggling with drug addiction decide to enter rehab during their lifetime.

Once a person decides to take a step towards recovery, families are faced with so many choices. Where do we go? Which facility will meet our specific needs? Is there a center that aligns with my faith?

Christian based rehabilitation centers provide many positive advantages for those seeking help, or for those looking for an element of faith in their treatment.

Let’s explore what makes a Christian based rehab unique from secular treatment facilities.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is not simply a choice – it produces a very real loss of control with decision-making, and needs to be treated as such, with compassion, understanding, and therapy.

At first, it may seem the individual is, in fact, choosing to participate in the same self-destructive behavior repeatedly, but looking more closely, we discover something deeper.

Addiction actually takes place in the brain. The word addiction comes from a Latin term that means “enslaved to”. When one returns to a substance over and over, it hijacks the brain’s reward centers, leading the person to crave the substance, participate in risky behaviors, or go out of their way to acquire the substance.

This is how an addiction is solidified.

What Is A Rehab Center?

A rehab center is a facility that focuses on treating patients who are experiencing drug addition. They typically supply a medical staff, counselors, and various forms of therapy such as group and individualized therapy, to help those struggling to regain freedom from addiction.

Rehab centers provide a calming and tranquil atmosphere to further help the patients focus strictly on their health and wellbeing.

Why Choose Rehab?

Rehab is a wise choice for anyone who has made the choice to break free from addiction.

Because addiction affects every area of a person’s life, patients need appropriate therapy to get well. They cannot do it alone. This can be in the form of medication, psychotherapy, and other therapies.

Reasons Why Christian Based Rehab is Helpful

There are a number of reasons to consider Christian based rehab. Here are five of them.

Faith-Based Support

An impressive 79% of people believe that connecting with a faith is a staple in treating addiction.

The staff at a Christian based rehab are Christians, meaning they follow the way of Jesus Christ. They believe Jesus loves and cares for everyone, no matter where they are in their life, and that He alone can provide the healing patients need.

Being around people who share the same ideas and principles as you, can have a positive impact on your therapy.

Incorporating the teachings of Christ and showing his love is a valuable part of treatment, and they aim to grow the patient’s relationship with God and Christ.

You do not have to be a Christian, or belong to a local church, to check into a Christian based rehab center.

Better Results

Christians are no stranger to helping people have been assisting people in their drug addictions for decades.

The oldest form of therapy dates back to the late 1700s, with Dr. Benjamen Rush. He found that recovery from addiction is more successful when one applies their faith in Christianity.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was started by Christians in 1930. AA is famous for its 12-step program, which when followed, can be successful in helping people abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Many rehab facilities use the 12-step program today to help their patients.

Another long-lasting treatment is the Salvation Army, which was started in the 1800s. They still offer faith-based help today.

Christian rehab centers aim to make the transition into the world easier after treatment is complete, which lowers the risk of a relapse.

Lower Cost

Most Christian rehab centers are non-profit and receive donations. In turn, this makes them a cost-effective facility.

While Christain workers and therapists may work for lower pay, do not feel as if you have to sacrifice quality care at less cost. Many Christians take their work very seriously and view it as a service to Christ.

Many will work with your insurance companies and walk you through the financial process if needed. Some of the programs are completely free of cost.

Beyond Addiction

Although addiction affects the body, brain, and emotions, the staff at the Christian based rehab centers believe there is a spiritual component at work as well.

They work with patients to identify why they turned to substance abuse and seek to heal the whole person rather than just their addiction. They focus on self-care, family issues, struggles with faith, and so on.

Christians believe that addiction is a symptom of a larger picture and their desire is to treat the whole person to get to the root of their addiction and find freedom. Because addiction is different for each person, they tailor treatment to the individual and strive to develop close relationships with their patients.

They help guide you through prayer and meditation to bring you closer to a relationship with Jesus.

A Better Understanding of Christ’s Love

Christians believe that Christ accepts us and loves us as we are.

Being in a Christian based rehab center allows the patient to recover without judgment, blame, or shame, and in an environment that’s loving, compassionate, and dedicated to the overall health of the patient. They’re here to put their arm around you, welcome you, and assure you of Christ’s love and patience.

In doing this, they reflect the attitude and aim of Jesus: which is to not merely fix the behavior, but the entire person, with great love.

Christian Rehab: A Positive Solution

Christian based rehab focuses on allowing the person to see God and His will for their life. They can be a powerful and effective solution to overcoming the cycle of addiction and help focus on complete restoration of the individual.

If you or a loved one are considering rehab, seriously consider a Christian based rehab center to take control of your life.

The doctors and therapists at Miracle¬†Recovery offer several treatment plans while believing God is at the center of recovery. They’re North Arizona’s first non-profit Christian treatment center, specializing in spiritual recovery, medical treatment, and therapeutic counseling.

Visit them today to learn more about how they can transform your life.

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