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Tips for Getting Through the Holidays With Your Sobriety Intact

Surviving the Bermuda Triangle of Addiction 
Why do we call the Holidays the “Bermuda Triangle of Addiction”? clear underwater water 260551
The Bermuda Triangle: It’s a forbidding, often terrifying, body of water where ships sail in, but they don’t always sail out.
For those with addiction issues, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s can be our own Bermuda Triangle. The holidays can take down a lot of people in recovery, but you don’t have to be one of them. 
As we approach the Holidays which are generally a time of joy and celebration for most people we should keep in mind that holidays can also be equally hard as well for many of us. Holidays may be particularly difficult for individuals who are in recovery from addiction. Why is that?  Because the holidays are where drugs, alcohol and family issues can intermingle in the perfect storm.  Issues like money and visiting with family add to other everyday stressors that one might be facing while in recovery. In addition, holiday parties where alcohol is served can be triggers for addicts.
What can you do to prevent relapse during the holidays?
1. You don’t have to go
There are tons of holiday parties, work parties, family parties, and so on. You are under no obligation to attend any of them. 
Don’t put yourself in circumstances where you will be tempted to go back to the old things that you once struggled with or are currently struggling with.  Why would you want to put yourself in a risky situation?

Just don’t go. 
2.  Find a healthy alternative
Spend time with people who don’t drink or use drugs. Sober fun is so much better, you might not even feel tempted!
3. Talk to someone who can keep you accountable
Ask a sponsor, mentor, pastor or trustworthy friend to check up on you regularly. Call him or her if you’re struggling.  Don’t be ashamed to ask for extra help or support during the holidays.
If you do all of the above, your chances are excellent that you will make it through the holidays with your sobriety intact.
Learn More About Relapse Prevention During the Holidays
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