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It’s Time to Interrupt Your Relapse

This blog does not present any information that you haven’t heard before.  The purpose of this is to give a visual of how a tempting thought to “use” progresses into full-blown relapse and gives tips on how to intervene so you won’t go down that road again.  It is important to interrupt the progression sooner rather than later.  

It’s important to understand that the journey from the thought to the relapse can occur in weeks, days, or even minutes.  

How does this happen? The road map below shows the progression of relapse.  It is written by Brian Duffy, LMHC, LADC-I.  He is a mental health counselor at SMOC Behavioral Healthcare in Framingham, Mass.  Click here for his article.

Take Action

Now that we see how a relapse progresses, we can take steps to ensure that we do not go down that road.  

How do I get off this dangerous path of relapse? The relapse can be stopped anywhere along the path, but it’s absolutely foolish for an addict to play casually with something so deadly.

Ask for help!  Do you have a relationship with God?  Have you accepted Him into your life? If not, it’s as easy as asking Him into your heart and turning away from your old life.  Ask for HIS HELP FIRST!  

Ask for help from someone positive in your life.  Isolation is a killer so it is so important that you fortify your recovery by surrounding yourself with people who are also sober and positive influences.  

When should I start preventing myself from going down that road?  Obviously sooner rather than later.   Do not allow your mind to go down that path.  You are not responsible for the thought that comes but you are responsible for what you do with that thought.  

Get off the dangerous and ultimate deadly path of relapse and continue on your path to total freedom.  Put God first! The recovery road will still be hard at times. But each day you turn your life over to God, when you use His wisdom to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy you take one step further away from addiction and one step closer to God.

Seeking Help with Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

At Life Transformation Recovery, we offer faith-based, clinically proven addiction treatment to help you step away from drugs and find the path to sobriety. We believe that coupling experienced counselors with your own spiritual growth strengthens you and helps ensure a longer, more stable recovery from substance abuse. Call or contact us today at (844) 582-FREEDOM for more information. 

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