Life Transformation Recovery Vlog #2: Getting Started

Life Transformation Recovery Vlog #2: Getting Started

In this episode, our office manager Brian talks about the admissions process, and how Life Transformation Recovery overcomes a lot of the misconceptions about joining a recovery program.

“My name is Brian, I am the office manager here at Life Transformation Recovery, and I handle a lot people’s phone calls, calling asking about the program, and admissions, and one of the things we face a lot of times is people call and they’re afraid or fearful, wondering if this is even the right thing for me, and a lot of times we try to show them, hey let’s just set up a meeting, no commitment yet, just come in to see who we are, to try to give them a comfort knowing that this is, we’re not trying to treat you like a number, not just trying to move you in/move you out, but actually treat you as a person, and that really helps them to realize, hey I can trust these people, and that they can be more open to us about what they’re going through and how we can help them, and so that really gives them a comfort that you will get help here at Life Transformation and be restored back to the way they should be.”

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