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Drug Rehabilitation for Women: Refuge of Hope

Refuge of Hope: Life Transformation Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Program for Women

Our women’s treatment program is built on a strong Christian foundation combined with evidence-based practice. The ladies in our program will get the time they so desperately need to recover, as well as a safe place to live in a beautiful home. The length of time in the program is customized according to the individual’s needs. We address addiction from both the spiritual and physical angle. Our relationship with God is key to healing and success. We create an atmosphere to allow this to happen through church services and times of prayer, as well as opportunities to serve in community outreach.

We also understand the importance of your physical well-being. We have medical providers on staff who can manage any detox needs, and provide medical care. We also have a registered nurse on call 24-7 for our residents in the women’s treatment program. We encourage healthy eating habits and regular exercise. A gym membership is included in the women’s treatment program. Our program includes your transportation to treatment at the facility, appointments, church, extra-curricular activities and other applicable needs. We know that accountability and emotional support is key to recovery. Residential staff is stayed in the home and be there to provide support around the clock. Treatment is powerful and proven with a variety of groups and curriculum to support you in your life transformation. We intentionally keep our women’s program intimate to provide the best support and ultimate care.

To learn more about how we can help you or your loved one, give us a call today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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